Pixelache Elsinki: International Festival of Electronic Arts

From 13th to 17th March I have been invited to Pixelache Festival, an international festival of electronic Art organized by juha huuskonen in Helsinki. The theme this year was exploring education in the cross-roads of science, technology, art and culture. I partecipated, together with my peer and friend Federico Primosig in the panel “Signals from the South” to exchange infos on differents projects developd in cooperation with southern countries. Me and Federico talked about countercultural digital networks in Italy, Pontos de Cultura in Brazil and the policy of Venezuela Government towards free software. Enjoyed very much the presentation of the MOWOSO collective in Kinshasa, Congo and the ideas for next Pixelazo in Colombia…maybe would be able to go there..During the festival my friend Jean-Noël Montagné presented the Bricofone project and the Bricolabs Network. I enjoed very much also the Arduino workshop and the presentation of Vidalab in Colombia.


About Francesca Bria

Researcher, expert on Innovation Policy and Management and Social Media. Francesca is now a PhD Researcher and Teaching Associate at Imperial College London. She's a member of the Internet of Things Council Europe.
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