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Researcher, expert on Innovation Policy and Management and Social Media. Francesca is now a PhD Researcher and Teaching Associate at Imperial College London. She's a member of the Internet of Things Council Europe.

Three main reasons for rejecting ACTA

This is a really important campaign to support, the one against the the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). ACTA is violating fundamental citizens rights and freedoms, rights to privacy and access to the commons. ACTA should be negotiated within the European … Continue reading

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UK wants to kill Net Neutrality

La quadrature du Net IPtegrity

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Bye bye Net Neutrality?

The European Parliament is about to take very important decisions that will affect the every day use of the internet by europeans: the Telecoms package will be adopted in second reading in April, while the approval of the Medina report, … Continue reading

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EU threat to medicine access

Efforts by the European Union to insert strong provisions on pharmaceutical patents in a series of free trade agreements it is negotiating could imperil access to medicines in developing countries, global public health activists have alleged. As part of trade … Continue reading

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The Piratebay on trial

On Monday morning Sweden’s largest trial against The Pirate Bay begins at the Kungsholmen courthouse in Stockholm. What is at stake is the battle against file sharing empires and surveillance international networks. The Pirate Bay is charged with violating Swedish … Continue reading

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Cpyright must be extended according to the Commission

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has approved an extension of copyright term for music recordings from 50 years to 95 years. Note that it is a co-decision Procedure; today’s vote was the 1st reading of the European Parliament. The … Continue reading

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Stop the CopyRight Term Extension Directive

The Legal Affair Committee of the European Parliament will vote the Term Extension Directive to double the term of copyright afforded to sound recordings. The directive will have serious consequences for the European’s IP policy, affecting cultural production and independent … Continue reading

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