Chapters and Articles in Books:

2009 “New Models for Open innovation: citizens co-creation of services”, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
2008 Pontos de Cultura e Digital Ecosystems, In: Digital Ecosystem book published by the European Commission, DG INFSO
2007: Digital Business Ecosystem Book , Section 4: Case Studies of Technology Transfer and Digital Ecosystem Adoption
2004: Communication Right and Knowledge Access. The new border of rights in the information society Yema Edizioni, 2004
2006 Reinventing the European Welfare State, Ed. the Lazio Region.
2004, P2P Fightsharing II, Rome, April 2004
2003 WSIS, We seize!, The World Summit on information Society, Green Pepper, Amsterdam, 2003/2004 (as part of a PDF document containing other articles related to WSIS and electronic activism)
2003 Rome unsustainable city, Ed. CandidaTv


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