Three main reasons for rejecting ACTA

This is a really important campaign to support, the one against the the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).
ACTA is violating fundamental citizens rights and freedoms, rights to privacy and access to the commons. ACTA should be negotiated within the European Parliament and cannot be implemented as multilateral secrete treaty in an obscure and undemocratic way. ACTA should be opposed and the EP should be part of the legislative process.

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UK wants to kill Net Neutrality

La quadrature du Net

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Bye bye Net Neutrality?

The European Parliament is about to take very important decisions that will affect the every day use of the internet by europeans: the Telecoms package will be adopted in second reading in April, while the approval of the Medina report, which recommends a very restrictive vision of the web, has been now postponed “sine die” thanks to awareness raised by massive citizen mobilization. The decision to postpone the report “sine die” is confirmed by the JURI committee, where the text was initially voted on the 20/1.

The Medina Report is a Commission’s report on the application of Directive 2001/29/EC on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society. It is advocating for Internet filtering, three-strikes approach, graduated response, and so on and has been proposed by Manuel Medina Ortega, of the PSE. The Telecoms Package, the Universal Services directive and e-Privacy directive, is a common regulatory framework for networks and services, access, interconnection and authorisation. According to many organizations and researchers the Telecoms package is posing serious threats to fundamental rights, privacy and civil liberties, by legalizing a european-wide “graduated response” against citizens and controlling peoples usage of the Internet, changing the very structure of the Internet at the expenses of people’s freedom. According to amendments pushed by AT&T, “network management practices” could be used to discriminate what content, services and applications users could access and use.
What is at stake is no less than Net Neutrality: will MEPs allow discrimination on the internet? To block the Telecoms package, join this initiative from abutton_save-the-european-net citizens coalition and sign this paper.
More info on:
The Green Party website ; Libero Sapere ; La Quadrature du Net; IPTEGRITY

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EU threat to medicine access

Efforts by the European Union to insert strong provisions
on pharmaceutical patents in a series of free trade agreements it is negotiating
could imperil access to medicines in developing countries, global public health
activists have alleged.
As part of trade talks being conducted with India, Colombia, Peru and a regional
grouping in south-east Asia, EU officials have proposed that drug-makers should
benefit from a robust intellectual property regime. National regulatory authorities
in the countries concerned would be prevented for lengthy periods from using data
provided by a company that holds a drug patent in order to authorise a generic
version of that medicine. Link to the article:

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The Piratebay on trial

On Monday morning Sweden’s largest trial against The Pirate Bay begins at the Kungsholmen courthouse in Stockholm. What is at stake is the battle against file sharing empires and surveillance international networks. The Pirate Bay is charged with violating Swedish copyright laws by facilitating the trading of copyrighted material and then making money off that trade by selling advertising on their site. The trial comes after a massive police investigation in 2006, when police raided the TBP office and confiscated some of their servers. The trial will be broadcasted live and translated in english with a translated a commented stream. The coverage of the trial will be a participative, crowd-sourced journalism project, because journalists, reporters and bloggers are encouraged to use Twitter’s hashtag format, which will allow anyone to cover the trial by tweeting or searching for “#spectrial” on Twitter. Hashtags act like keywords on Twitter, and allow you to easily find the content you are looking for. You can read all the information here <a href=”
and on Piratebyran <a href=” , the anti-copyright group and IP researchers.159442-the_pirate_bay_logo_original1

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Cpyright must be extended according to the Commission

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee has approved an extension
of copyright term for music recordings from 50 years to 95 years.
Note that it is a co-decision Procedure; today’s vote was the 1st reading of
the European Parliament. The plenary vote is scheduled on March 11th in Strasbourg, to have the final approval by the Council of Ministers.
See the press release on the European Parliament’s website:

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Stop the CopyRight Term Extension Directive

The Legal Affair Committee of the European Parliament will vote the Term Extension Directive to double the term of copyright afforded to sound recordings. The directive will have serious consequences for the European’s IP policy, affecting cultural production and independent producers to favor the majors, the entertainment industries and a few big artists….thanks to the superpower of lobbyists in Brussel!
You can reed the read here the declaration to reject this directive: and read more on EDRI:

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